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Name Sex Breed
HK XB 1 Boar Cross
GSG BA RECTIFY *98 87-2 Barrow Cross
GSG BA RECTIFY *99 86-2 Barrow Cross
GSG Relent X Xtreme *99 81-3 Female Cross
GSG BA Hot Nest *84 84-1 Barrow Chester White
GSG BA Chainsaw *93 94-3 Barrow Duroc
GSG BA Rock Bold *82 83-2 Barrow Chester White
GSG Rectify X Unchart *99 86-1 Female Cross
GSG Ice T X Breast S *115 90-1 Female Yorkshire
GSG BA Chainsaw *92 94-2 Barrow Duroc
GSG SOR x ONYX JACK *103 100-1 Female Hampshire
GSG BA High Powered *112 91-3 Barrow Yorkshire

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Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
A two year old sheep is called a two-tooth.